Friday, October 28, 2011

Artist Pete Railand read all 168 texts submitted to the number posted on the sign, and made this artwork in response. He found discarded sign  letters in a dumpster, and painted on them to make this. His black and white print of weeds is attached to the lower part of the sign.

This is the message from Taveyah, a teen from nearby Highland High school. In January, 2011, a group of artist/educators formed an afterschool art club at Highland  with the goal of engaging local teens in  a collaborative design process to create new images  to be professionally produced and installed in a dilapidated sign along Central Avenue.
Friends of the Orphan Signs thanks Matthew Terry of Nob Hill Development Association, who worked with us to create a permanent easement that grants this sign to the city of Albuquerque as a site for  public art.       
Taveyah, Amy and Quinlan's design proposal, May 2011

Nigel, a city bus driver for the Central Av. route, had a bet going with other MCO's ( motor coach operators)  who thought that I wouldn't put this one up- so I did

a poem submitted this  summer

Thursday, October 27, 2011

this is an excerpt from a very long poem recited by a young man waiting for the bus
this is also an excerpt, from one of over fifty  texts sent from the same number
the day after I put this person's message up, they texted to thank me

In March of 2011, one side of our sign was blown off during a night of fierce  desert spring winds. There must have been a swirling explosion of letters, I found an H a block away.
Larry and Johnnie Plath, the mostly affable but sometimes gruff brothers who own Southwest Outdoor Electric  sign company, had  large pieces of used sign facing plastic lying around their shop-  they cut it to size- approximately 15' x 5'. After  I riveted new lettering tracks to the plastic, they used their lift to bolt it to the frame-we were back in business.

The new sign face doesn't fit exactly, and is somewhat bowed out, I got a submission not long after--- "he's fat, he's poofy, he's choska"--maybe this person was referring to the sign.

They could have been referring to their cat- this is Larry and Johnnie and their mouser, Princess.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 Sign Change

My words, tongue to teeth, are beautiful